Allen M 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Full Circle After Thirty Six Years.

Son was surfing internet. Came across a GTO on E-Bay. Sent me the link and said Dad you had a GTO like this one didn't you?. Got on E-Bay and looked at the pics. The GTO up for auction was the twin to the one I purchased new in April 1967. The GTO was in Houston, TX. approx. 1 hour from where I live. E-mailed the individual and asked if I could look it over before bidding. He met me in downtown Houston and looked it over for about an hour. Came back home and told wife this GTO was the twin of the one I bought new in 1967. We set a price we were willing to go to get the vehicle. My bid was highest. Met the owner at same place and had GTO towed to house. Did not want to drive it home at rush hour in Houston. Got home and was looking at all the papers the owner gave me. There was a sales slip where one of the owner had purchased two front shocks for a '67 GTO in 1987. The parts house was in a town that I lived for 18 years. The person buying the shocks has a charge account at this parts house. His name was on it but did not recognize the name. Called my long time friend this this small Texas town to see it the person that I sold the GTO to was still in town. My friend told me he has passed away. Gave him the name of the person on the sales slip. He told me he knew him and saw him driving around town awhile back. Asked my friend if he could get in touch with this person and see if he bought a 1967 GTO from the person I sold it too. Ten minutes later my friend called back and told me that he had bought it from the person I sold it to in October 1977. Bingo this GTO was mine again. Called the person and had a long talk. He told me he bought it from the person I sold it to in 1981 and he sold to a friend in Corpus Christi, TX, in 1994. His friend sold it to his brother-in-law in Pasadena, TX, who sold it the person I purchased it from in Houston, TX in 2013.

During my talk with this person who bought it from the person I sold it to, told me he still had the owner manual for the GTO. Told me he would send it to me. He called me back the next day, and told me he did not have the owner's manual it was my original Protect-O-Plate.

All number match on the GTO

Over the years all the people owing it have kept it original. Now the wife and I are enjoying the GTO once more after selling it 36 years ago. And, the new car dealership was located in downtown Houston in 1967. Dealership has long since moved. The address where drove it off brand new and to where I picked it up in 2013 was .9 miles away. Guess is was destined to be back in my garage.

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    Gabe Traverse City, MI April 9, 2014 at 13:17
    That is such a gorgeous car. Congratulations, cool story.

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