Ray T 1955 Ford Country Sedan wagon

Driving the President

I work for the I.T. Department at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. A few years ago, an e-mail was sent out looking for vintage cars to drive in the annual Homecoming Parade. I volunteered my 1955 Ford Country Sedan station wagon. I was instructed when and where to queue up for the start. As I took my place on a side street behind a shiny late-model Corvette, it began to drizzle. This did not bother me, or my car, "Sophie". I've had it out in the rain before. (I actually love the fact that the vacuum-powered wiper blades still work!) As I sat in the car listening to the raindrops bounce off the roof and watching the sporadic movement of the wipers, the front passenger-side door suddenly opened, and in came the president of the university! Apparently, she was originally scheduled to ride in the Corvette roadster with the top down, but once it started to rain, that was no longer an option. "Sophie" was suddenly transformed into the CWRU version of "Air Force 1". Over the course of the next hour, Madame President and I had a pleasant conversation in the dry confines of my old wagon. I'll never forget it.

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