Pat S 1941 Ford Sedab

Black Beauty

In 1951 I graduated from High School. I went to a public dance with my girlfriend. I met a 6'4" football player from another school that drove a black '41 Ford sedan. After seeing him at the dance hall a few times I went out on a date with him. We dated for two years and went every where in that car. It had the neatest sounding "pipes" on it and he was especially proud of it, except when he got tickets for loud pipes. He sold the car shortly before we got married and bought a '49 Mercury sedan. One day I was shopping in our little town and there sat his old car parked on the street and it reminded me of the horse story about Black Beauty. He always kept it polished and shined and here it looked like an old farm car, dirty and it broke my heart. We got married in 1954 and come the 26th of February, we will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary. My husband has had strokes and developed dementia, but he still remembers that little '41 Ford, the first car he ever owned and so do I. We still have my '72 Ford LTD stored in the barn. That was my first brand new car, just couldn't part with it. I drove it for 22 years. Now we have an Explorer and I think it is great too. Guess you could call us a "Ford" family.

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