Jeff B 1971 Plymouth Road Runner 2dr Hardtop Coupe

A Road Runner that got caught

As a high school senior in 1984 and just weeks away from graduation I had been on the prowl for my first car. I had looked at just about everything under the sun including Monte Carlos, Camaros, Firebirds, Barracudas, and more. You name it, I probably looked at it but just couldn't find the "right" one. Then one day as I'm leaving work I'm waiting at a red light when I see it pass right by me: a 1971 Road Runner, B5 Blue wiith a white half vinyl top and a white strobe stripe. Best of all, it had a "for sale" in the side window! I have loved the style of the 71's ever since seeing Richard Petty's 71 race car painted in the famous Petty blue and here was one for sale and it was getting away from me! Thank goodness there were no cops there to see me make a right turn from the left lane but I had to catch that car and get the phone number. It took a while (I really had to flog my Dad's 81 Impala) but I was finally able to catch up to it in traffic and immediately set to memory the phone number. Later that evening I spoke with the owner and found out he was newly married and was only selling the car to help with the down payment on a house. I went with my best friend the next day and we went over the car with a fine tooth comb and could not believe how clean it was. The owner told us he had found the car at a neighbors house in Texas while visiting is brother there and the neighbor told him it quit running one day and he never got around to figuring out the problem. The owner figured out it was a carburetor problem and struck a deal for the car. He and his brother fixed the carb and replaced all the belts and hoses and he drove it from Texas to Pennsylvania with no issues. The owner was a body man so he popped a couple of door dings out and put fresh paint and stripes on it. Other than that, the car only needed a good cleaning; even the dash was original. We struck a deal for $2650 (try that today!), did the paperwork, and just like that I was the proud owner of my first car. I drove that car for a year and then sold it because all my friends had 4X4's and was tired of missing the off road fun. At the time I thought I was so cool because I made a profit on the car but looking back it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. I've had a lot of cars and trucks over the years but I will forever kick myself for letting that one get away. I have looked at many Road Runners over the years but with raising a family the price of good ones has always been beyond my budget. Although I keep telling myself "maybe someday...".

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