Mark L

40 years later, and still worth the wait!

I graduated from one of the US military academies in 1975. In those days, we could not have cars until the summer before our senior year. Since we all bought them at the same time, we bought huge numbers of cars from one dealer for each type of sports car (e.g. my class bought over 200 Datsun 280Z's from a single dealer in Idaho). I loved the Jaguar XKE since the day I saw my first one. I think it is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. However, at nearly $8,000 at that time, the XKE was more than twice the price of a good American car muscle car. We could not get enough people in the class to buy them and bring the price down into reach. So I had to pass.

40 years later after retiring from a military career and a second career in industry, a 1972 Jaguar XKE Series III (V12) convertible came up for sale out of a collection, near my home. It was in fantastic condition. After a quick marketing campaign with my spouse, we got the car I dreamed of 40 years ago when I first started dating her. It's a beauty in great condition with only 27,000 original miles on it. My academy classmates love it and it turns heads anywhere we go. My goal is get this car to at least 100,000 miles before passing it on to my son!

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