Dan W 1957 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible


I purchased my 1957 corvette wrecked from a young man who had started repairing the car and went into the army. He was home in the fall of 1974 and I bought the car. I did all the repair myself which ended up being the entire right side and nose. 15 yrs later it was painted by a friend. The spring of 2006 I sold my a '69 corvette and began the search for someone to help me get an "07 corvette with the same production numbers as the '57. The cars would be exactly 50 years apart. Only the chevy suburban had been in continuous production for more time.

I could not find any one that could help me make this happen I had written letters and emailed a number of GM executives, One of my letters was turned over to the corvette museum and for a generous donation they might be able to help me. This would be my first new car and the cost of car it'self would be a stretch.

I contacted Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids MI. actually a dealer from my home town. They were always a leader in Michigan with corvettes and COPO cars, and still in business today.

Berger said they would help me and we got an order put together. They would wait to hear from me to put the order in.

During the second week in July I was in Detroit for the AYES( Automotive Youth Educational Systems) National Automotive Teachers Training conference I had been driving a group of teachers there from WI. to attend the conference.over the years..

Every year there is a different Automotive Manufacturer CEO acting as the board chair for AYES and that year it was Rick Wagoner the CEO of GM.

I had discussions with different presenters at the conference and none could help me. I mentioned it to the AYES president at the time Larry Cummings a former Oldsmobile dealer and he said that he had to meet with Rick Wagoner after the conference and he would bring it up.

The next week I got a call from Rick Wagoner's office that if I could get the paper work done in time they would build the car on August 15th. and I could accompany the car as it was built.

Well needless to say I had Berger put the order in and my wife and I was in Bowling Green the morning of Aug. 15th.

What a thrill for a corvette guy, I picked up the "07 on my 60th birthday with a commemorative plaque on the dash.

The 57 was still apart in storage. I got the paint rubbed and finished most the exterior in December 2010.

A friend a i finished the upholstery by the end of the next summer.

The attached pictures were taken the summer of 2011 and the upholstery was not finished.

P.S. There were three other guys that had the same idea. One was featured in an article in the New York Times

I also talked to Corvette Marketing when I was at the 24 Hour Sebring Races and now you can order a specific production number as a RPO Regular Production Option.

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    Jim rasche Ft lauderdale March 8, 2014 at 23:57
    I am one of the other guys that did the same. I named mine the vin twins and had them on display at the Corvette museum. Mine was 104257 and was built from 8/6/06 thru 8/9/06. (Friday and Monday) The museum volunteers took pics of the build. They also were reprimanded for letting me cross over the green line to assist in the assembly. Check out new York times article 8/28/06 for more..
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    Scott Scheife Germantown, WI October 22, 2014 at 10:49
    Great Stork and great cars!
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    lance turner kenosha, wi. October 22, 2014 at 22:53
    I know Dan Wooster, and had a hand in working on his project. Two very nice cars.
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    Gary Beier Madison, Wi. October 22, 2014 at 11:25
    Great story. I can remember when you got the big news from Detroit about the VIN numbers!

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