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Time machine tribute

My story is probably not much different than many, I created a clone of the 65 Mustang Fastback that I drove and raced in the early 70's. How I got it adds to the tribute aspect of the car.

A close friend of mine and his brother had the car when they were younger. They were in the process of restoring it slowly ( over 15 years) when my friend's brother died suddenly from a heart attack. My friend kept the car in his garage and worked on it with his other brother for a few years as a tribute to their fallen brother. Unfortunately, my friend suddenly passed from a heart attack just like his brother did.

A few years passed and the car was put up for sale by the surviving brother. He had several offers but didn't sell it because the buyers wanted to restomod the car which wasn't what the surviving brother felt that his brothers would have wanted to happen to the car.

As we were still close with my passed friend's wife, the car came up in discussion one day and I talked to the brother that was selling it. I explained to him what I intended to do with the car and he felt good selling it to someone who was going to keep the car in much the same style as his brothers intended. The deal was done.

I intended to recreate the car that I drove on my first date with my wife of 36 years. The car was to be made into an early 70's style street muscle car. It 'wasn't a "numbers matching" car when I got it. It had a 1966 engine and a Shelby 9" rear and was a great foundation for my planned project. So an intact survivor wasn't being sacrificed.

The paint was already done in a really nice deep blue metallic and that was not changed into the dark green metallic of my original. The rest of the car was gone through and this is what was done to clone it to what I built in 1972:

- Rebuilt engine with Lemans cam, Edelbrock intake, Accel dual point distributor,

Holley 750 carb, full length headers, roller rockers

- Hurst shifter

- Lakewood traction bars

- Electric fuel pump

- Shift light

- Hood mounted fuel pressure gauge

- Cool "Cobra" emblem and "Ford" rear window decal.

I often take it to the local "Lowes car cruise" location and have a great time talking to folks my age about the good old days and the cars that made those fond memories. There is always someone there who has a story to tell about them or a friend that had a 65 fastback and how my car brings back memories for them.

I appreciate the new technology, and my kids have the mustang bug too ( new 5.0 , 03 supercharged Cobra, 93 5.0, 98 worked 4.6 in their stables) but there is something special about driving the "original" that does it for me.

When I get into my 65, and hit the key, I am transported back in time to 1972 and am filled with all of the great memories of that earlier time. It is truly a "time machine" for me. All I need is an 8 track ...but that is an entire other story!

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    Dean New Jersey February 16, 2014 at 11:00
    In 1965, my father bought me a Caspian (dark) blue Mustang convertible. It sported a white top and blue interior. A 289 w/deuce produced 200 ponies delivered by a 3 speed manual transmission. I loved the car so much, I remember hand washing it in the middle of an Illinois winter. Other than adding a tachometer, I kept the car completely stock.

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