Fred S 1972 Datsun 240Z

My Z story

After spending my leave in Tokyo, Japan 1971, I saw the car I wanted, since my Mustang was sold, I had to buy a new car. I was discharged in Feb. of 72 and went to 3 Datsun Dealerships in the Cleveland, Ohio area. To my surprise each Dealer wanted $1000 down and put on a list, you had to wait 6 months or longer. The Datsun 240Z only came with or without 4 speed, or air, and about 12 different colors. Each Dealer got one 240Z for every 29 cars they sold. So, if you wanted a blue 4 speed and a red w/auto transmisson came in, you'd have to wait another 6 or more months, or more. In June, I found a Dealership in Elyira, Ohio, Stang Motors. I spoke with a sales Rep. Terry Tracey, showed him my discharge papers, told him I didn't have a car, and didn't want to wait 6 months. He only took $100 as a down payment and said, " I'll see what I can do". A week later he called and said " I have 3, take your pick". I chose a white 240Z, 4 speed, no air. I asked, "How did you get 3 Z cars in?''. He said, "We sell Datsun, MG's, Triumphs, and AMC, so we sell more cars". I found out later in an article either written in Car & Driver or Road & Track. If you could buy one, $3500 to $4000, you could turn around the next day and sell it for up to $6500. I currently own a 72 240Z which I helped restore, and a 70 right-hand drive Z, soon to be restored.

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