The W 1988 Ford Festiva L 3dr Hatchback


The carb's running nasty

The strong smell of gas

Airs running too hot

It's a coal furnace blast

Sitting on the corner

Of Mullholand and East

Got a burning hot belly

Got a taste of the beast

I'm on the Frontline

Where the road nears the end

I'm on the Frontline

A life comes to the bend


In the darkness of morn

It's the frontline

Where yor soul will get torn

Daddy never took note

Never looked in my eye

Out on the street

Is where life taught me why

Chrome and hard vinyl

It got us on through

Through the question of when

Through the wonder of who

It's the Frontline

It's the taste of unknown

On the Frontline

It's a head gasket blown


It's the answer not sought

The Frontline

Learned lesson not taught

Sitting at the signal

A cool glowing red

Throttle fills the veins

Of the cold running gas

As the green lets go

And my neck it snaps back

The wall closes in

Will this thought be my last

On the Frontline

Where truth will not hide

On this Frontline

Void of love void of life


Classics rust in the end

It's your Frontline

This time's just a lend

On the Frontline

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