Bill B 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 2dr Hardtop Coupe

First Auto Love

My first car was a 1967Dodge Coronet 2 door 383 four barrel carb,automatic like a burnt orange copper color with white interior.She was very factory fast,I remember someone calling the cops on me one winter I decided to put headers on her it was 20 degrees outside I was working on it in the parking spot out in the frozen street in Queens New York,The cop said the reason he came was because someone had called because they were worried I would freeze to death,I told him I had to finish,I think it took me about 9 hours between the headers and mufflers to hang,and trips on foot to the auto part store up the street,What I am getting at is the things we do and the love we have for the power and sounds of the car we love Huh,Another time I was on the Long Island expressway in the middle of the night enjoying the new found power I remember looking in the rearveiw mirror and seeing what looked like a christmas tree way behind me,well it turned out to be a police car lights flashing so I pulled over,after comeing back with my info,he said he was going to give me a break because I stopped he said if I didnt he would have never caught me but i better slow down! then asked to look under the hood he wanted to see what gave him such a run I told him other than the headers and mufflers she was factory stock,he was impressed.I will never forget my first 200 dollar car I got her in 1978 gave her a tune up added headers and created a monster.Cars back in the day had grills and body lines that gave them faces and style,paint colors that just made them stand out,not like today.Feeling and hearing the motor running smelling the exaust just put you in a different place in time

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    st usa February 26, 2014 at 16:40
    Great story...reminds me of my uncle, who bought a brand new 67 Coronet R/T with the 440 and 4 speed. He wasn't a wild guy...he was 40 at the time , but he later said he had to sell it because he'd have wound up in jail was just too tempting to unleasah all that power.
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    J.B.Zepko Powder Springs ,Ga. February 27, 2014 at 19:02
    In 1982 as the tech advisor for Dodge , Atlanta Zone , a call came in from the owner of a '67 Coronet who was looking for a pushbutton switch for the a/c .her dealer had told her that the part was no longer available .I found a replacement switch in the centerline warehouse , had it sent to the zone, called her repair shop and arranged to have the switch installed .Upon seeing the car ( she was the original owner ) I said I fyou ever want to sell this car , give me a call.22years later , i got the call.her sister had passed away , and had a later model car that she could use, and the dodge was in the garage with a dead battery .I went to see the car , original owner , 82K , back seat never sat in , trunk never used ,got every piece of paper , window sticker , certi-card , both sets of orig.keys etc.etc.Always a Georgia car never in rain and never out of state,,Still in my garage , and insured by Hagerty , of course Currently has 92K..Any interest ????.

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