Lawrence H

Bucket List GTA

My story about this car begins with the regrets that we have all had, had a really cool one, but sold it. I told myself when my first 66 drove off it was going to a good home, this guy would love her and take it her to the next level, and as a matter of fact he did, and we became friends, his vast knowledge of fords, and his willingness to work on several of my projects from his fathers Shell station have produced some very awesome results, Including the work he did on the 1967 GT mustang i have already posted a story about. I would like to thank Mike MGee for all his great work, and alot of the hard to find parts he provided, and his unwillingness to accept anything but the best for my cars. Now, that being said, this story begins on a Georgia Craigslist ad, 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA, original 390, c-6 running driving machine, she was red and looked very cool. I contacted the owner and we exchanged lots of e-mails and hashed out a deal, within a week my brother Pat and i were on a plane to Atlanta. Now this is the Bucket list part, we always talked about how how cool it would be to find an old car, any old car and drive her back home, what a thrill though, it would be a 390 powered beast, any concern about gasoline consumption was thrown to the wayside in lieu of the experience we were gonna have in the time capsule from the 60' s. The car performed flawless, from state to state, other than a blow out on the left front, that was in indiana, and it was a real hot day, not to mention it was a busy stretch of highway, with a little help from a fellow ford freak who stopped because he liked the car we made it to the next town and bought a fresh set of tires to complete the journey., The car has since recieved power disc brakes, Cragars, carb rebuild, all new front end components, a white stripe kit, and new exhaust pipes out the back, i also reinstalled the factory steering wheel. I Love this car, and i really love the adventure that it brought to my life, would i do it again? the answer is 1000 times over.

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