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A car to drive and enjoy

I am 71 years old and have had several old cars, but after I got them running and looking good I would sell it. I love working on them and I have had my own upholstery shop and still do upholstery work at home for something to keep me active. I was doing a headliner in a 1977 Olds and I got to thinking I need something like this. After a lot of thinking about what to get I thought of a 79 Camaro Rally Sport had to be black and white, after about 6 months looking at ebay and Craigs List I found what I was looking for in Seymour, Tn. It had 8740 miles showing on the speedometer which was 108740 miles, white part of car was original black had been repainted original interior in great condition(black) He had American Racing wheels on the car but he had the original white wheels with all the rings and centers. The original spare (whitewall) is still in the trunk still has the gray chalk marks on the tread. Since I got the car I but the original wheels on with Cooper Cobra white letter tires, new GM stripe between paint colors, new exhaust same as original. Car is 305 ci with automatic transmission, tilt wheel and rear window defog. Love to drive the car gets lot of attention, keeping this one.

Love for old cars is contagious since I got my Camaro my daughter and her husband has bought them a 1980 Trans Am.


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