Rene D 1965 Plymouth Fury II 2dr Sedan

1965 Plymouth Fury and 1964 Dodge Mopars

Brings back memories of cross country "cannonball express" trips back in the mid to late 60`s and

early 70`s.

Drove "nonstop" from Vermont to Seattle Wash. back in 1966 with my new 1965 Plymouth Fury.

it was a 6 day trip to Seattle (back in my single days) for a job with Boeing aircraft.

A couple of years later, after back in Vt for a few week, had an offer for a job near Denver Colo.

I had by the "downsized", sold the Fury, and acquired a used 1964 Dodge Dart Convertible

(slant 6 engine) and drove it almost "nonstop' to Denver from Vt.

These Mopars were IMO tough cars, that were hard to beat for reliability and durability.

Had a chance to pick up another Dodge(now a classic) in great shape about 18 months ago.

Am looking forward to "extended road trips" with her this coming summer,--a "blast to the past.

Trips in this car, make me feel 25 again.

P.S., I have also had Chevy`s, back then which I also like,(but that`s another story)

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