Jerry R 1981 Caprice Classic 4 dr sedan with 267 V8

What is so Classic about this Classic?

Well, it isn't the most valuable of cars! It's paint is weak and it's interior is worn but I must say it is still a good looking 50 footer!. It has approximately 82,000 miles on the clock, not bad for a thirty-three year old car. So, what is so classic about this Classic? Why did I list it under the Memory Lane category?

For starters it has been in our family almost all it's life. My father bought it in early 1982 as a left over and owned it and drove it almost to the day he passed. It was passed on down to me in 1991. I've driven it sparely since then. My son was born that year and we even drove him home from the hospital in it, the first of may rides he has had in the car since then. There were the times he wouldn't go down for his nap or for the night, the solution was a ride in the Classic of course. Out like a light, instantly! I've taken him to many school sporting events and even on his first date in it. Even though we've had newer cars in the family, he choose to learn to drive on this car. He even took his road test in it to the amazement of the registry inspector who was amazed how well a 16 year older paralleled parked such a land yacht. So what is so classic about this Classic?

It's not much in the value department compared to all those memorable cars lovingly restored by their proud owners. It won't win a best of show. It barely gets a second look at a Cruise Night. "Nothing classic about this Classic." to anyone but us.!

Cars are nothing if they don't stir memories of days past - the Good Old Days. Each Spring we wake it from it's winter slumber and it is ready once again to make more memories for us.The car has become sort of a legend in our family, thirty-three years old and still running. So what is so classic about this Classic?

Just think of it, three generations of our family have owned and driven this same car which in this day and age of throw away, is amazing to me. Each time I turn the key and this Classic roars back to life, the thirty plus years of wonderful family memories comes flooding back to me. That in and of itself is what is so classic about this Classic!

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