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The "Ritter Factor"

God bless John Ritter! I always enjoyed his humor and his sudden death became the catalyst for me moving on my life dream. I have loved cars since I can remember. I don't know why. No one else in my family has the bug. I was especially attracted to the British cars-Triumph and MG and Austin Healy. After Mr. Ritter's sudden death, I said to my wife, it is time for me to buy that car. Who knows when I may be gone. To my amazement, she agreed!!

My first purchase was a 74 Tr 6. It was a 20 footer, but ran well and I had a ball with it, driving it on warm sunny days and taking it to the Battle of the Brits car show. I traded it for a 76 MGB that was a show winner. It was British racing green with a tan top and black interior.

My kids reached college age and the B had to go toward tuition. After the kids were through with college I began to throw out the "Ritter Factor" again to my wife and I was again given the go-ahead.

I had never owned a mustang and hardly ever ridden in one. I saw a 94 cobra for sale on the internet. There was only one picture so I was skeptical. I made an appointment to see in and was amazed when I approached the owners house to see a picture perfect car. Red with tan top and tan interior. Indy Pace Car. 18,000 miles on the car!

I had to fix the creaky tie rods, but I have owned this car for a couple of years now and It is a dream come true. Great looks, power; shifts like a dream, and sounds incredible. It is always packed up for the winter so it is like getting a new car every spring.

God bless Mr. Ritter.

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