Erit C 1956 Oldsmobile 88

The parts car

On my time off after basic training at Lackland Air Force base, my brother and I decided to take a ride to the beach one day. I only had two more days before I shipped off to tech school and I had not seen the beach in a while. On the way there we saw this dealer that had a bunch on rust buckets and some newer pickups for sale and decided to take a look. We talked to the owner and he said everything was for sale. The first thing that caught my attention was this frame off 1956 Oldsmobile 88 convertible they where working on towards the back of the dealer. I knew I couldn't afford that on my airman basic pay but I had to take a look anyway. We started talking to the mechanic and he went on about all the work that had gone into that restoration and how they had to buy a few parts cars to get it to where it was at. All I could think of was the poor hardtops that had donated their parts so that this beautiful convertible could ride again. The mechanic then told my brother if he was interested in the car and I told him that we where actually looking for a project for me and that I probably couldn't even afford the parts car. He jokingly said that they had two right now in the back and that one wasn't touched yet. The owner of the dealer which had sneaked up behind us as we where talking to the mechanic said that if I was interested in the hardtop he was sure I could afford it. I went to the back and saw the most beautiful piece of rust I had seen in my life. I asked him how much and he said $800 for the car and all the parts I could take from the other one which was going to the junkyard soon. I got so excited I forgot about the beach and the fact that I was leaving for my Air Force tech school in two days. We paid the man, got a tow truck and got it home to my parents house. Boy where they excited, here I was about to leave in two days and I brought home the biggest piece of crap they had ever seen to be left there until I could come home and work on it. After they got all their screaming out of the way, which my brother missed completely because he sneaked away to his house after the car was delivered, my dad pulled me aside and said I could keep it as long as I would get a car cover for it and some decent tires that would hold air. He talked to my mom and got her to come down, I immediately went to the local auto parts store and got the cheapest car cover that could fit and started making calls to my friends to find some decent tires for cheap. Many troubles and hardships later and this is how the car looks today. My old man passed away and never got to see the car he saved that day but I thank him for letting me keep my parts car.

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    mrbill tacoma February 16, 2014 at 15:00
    love the Bimini Blue. same as my '55

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