Charles G

The car I always wanted

I started driving in 1975 and since then have had muscle cars and many others. But the first car I wanted more than any other was a 1960's MGB like my uncle had. Finally in my mid 50's I decided if I was ever going to have the car now was the time. After a lot of searching and help from other MGB owners I found the car in Marietta Georgia. I took a plane from Glen Burnie Maryland to Marietta on a Saturday morning and towed it home that evening. I've had the car for about a year and a half now and although restoration is an on-going challenge. It's the most enjoyable car I've ever owned and haven't regretted getting it for a minute. Hagerty gave me a great price on insurance and when I've had insurance questions they have quickly responded in a courteous and friendly manner.

Chuck Green

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