Brian D

The Family Heirloom

The car we so fondly refer to as "Grandpas Ride" was originally bought brand new by my wife's grandpa in 1969. The car was used at a Standard Oil station to jump start and push cars into the service bays in suburban Chicago. After grandpa passed away the car was kept in my wives grandmothers garage.

The car would sit in the garage and be taken out to be state inspected or to be washed and driven a few times each year, each time bringing back memories of grandpa. The car was only driven at that time by immediate family members since grandma did not have a drivers license.

The car remained in the grandparents possession for 36 years. In 2005 due to the fact that car was just sitting a decision was made, for my wife and I to purchase the car from her so the "Family Heirloom" could be passed on. The original mileage at this time was just 13,259 miles. The car was 100% drivable put we decided to trailer it due to the fact that it still had the original tires that came from the factory.

The car has become a real connection to our past and will continue to be enjoyed by our family well into the future as we will someday pass the "Family Heirloom" onto my son.

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