Joe M 1962 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Return Engagement

Here we go.

Back in 1975, my wife and I were married for only a year when I had heard that my old schoolmate was finally ready to sell his '62 Corvette that had sat in his yard for a number of years. When we saw the car, it was sunken in the dirt with no motor, no transmission, no rear differential, no hood, no spring shackles, no dash pad and a hole in the convertible top. It was a mess and I bought it for $1,000. My wife was in shock. I was just going to get it running and tool around on the street with it. I had never done any body work or paint before but, after four years, it emerged as a show winning car and was even featured in a Corvette magazine. Having done what I wanted to do with it, I sold the car in 1981.

Fast forward to October 2010. I recieved a phone call from one of the car's owners, getting my number from the paperwork that followed the car through three owners after myself. We had a nice long chat and then, that was it. Then, one evening in February 2011 while on the computer, up pops a letter on my email account. It was from the gentleman I had talked to a few months before. Much to my surprise, the old '62 was for sale. Wow! I told my wife and she thought it would be a great idea to get it back and I whole heartedly, agreed. So, that is exactly what I did. By the end of that month, my first mechanical child came home to where it was reborn. What a thrill to get it back. It's a real time machine for my wife and I. We drove around in it for about two years and it is now under it's second ground up restoration in my garage. Lots of people spend time and money to try to locate and/or aquire their old car and here, mine found me. How magical is that? And as far as memories go, My eldest daughter sat between us for short rides to my in-laws house not far away and she would love to hold onto the shifter. It has been a pleasant little memory for us all these years. Back on Father's Day 2012, I woke up that morning and my very first thought that came into my head was how neat it would be to have a picture of my first grandson sitting it that same car holding on to the same shifter that his mother used to hold when she was his age. As I opened my Father's Day gift from my daughter, I was totally shocked to find two pictures of my grandson sitting in the same spot, in the same car and holding the same shifter handle his mother used to hold onto so long ago. Yes, this automobile is a family member for certain and I feel blessed to have all this turn out the way it did! It's MAGIC.

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