George H

OUR MG is a part of the family

I've loved little British cars since seeing a TR4 on a summer night in 1973. From 1976-1980 I owned a '71 MGB, "The flexible flyer" and it taught me a lot about cars and British cars in particular. In 1983 we bought the '73 MGB "The old girl" license OUR MG that we still have all these years later. We taught both our Kids to drive and love cars in the MGB. OUR MG is more than a car, she's part of the family. Our son and daughter got the car bug from our always having the MG, tinkering and going to cruise nights and car shows. After his 16th birthday, our son bought a 1976 Dodge Dart, and we converted it from a slant 6 to V8 for a father son project. Our daughter has a Mini Cooper that is her dream car. Now we all go to car shows and cruise nights together!

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    Mark El Paso, TX May 7, 2014 at 11:45
    That's what its all about isn't it? It's not the car, its what the car does to bring us together. Congrats on being a great dad.

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