michael c 1964 Studebaker marshall

No Real Story

I have no real story, I just like Studebaker's, this one is one of the 20 evaluation Police Marshall's they made in the fall of 1963, it's a 1964, 289 Avanti R1 engine, 3 speed transmission, no overdrive. It was a State of Wisconsin evaluation car, built to their spec's. It was never put into patrol service and has only 30,000 miles.

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    Joe Fay Naperville, IL December 31, 2014 at 16:25
    This is the car that was literally dumped twice, first by Studebaker on Wisconsin State Police who refused to accept. According to sources in Wisconsin Purchasing dept, the vehicle sat in a State of Wisconsin lot for several weeks. The state contacted the Chicago Studebaker Zone Office, while in the midst of closing and were told by future former Studebaker employees what they could do with the unit. The end result, the State dumped the car in a Milwaukee Studebaker dealer's lot in the dead of night.....problem solved.

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