Nancy J

My beautiful, awesome friend!

I was instantly in love. I was 17. My brother just bought a 1977 Grand Prix. Silver. Sporty . And loud. It ran great! I knew right then that I had found the perfect car.

Years later, I bought one for $400. It ran great, had a nice heater and never let me down. But it was rusty from driving it in the winter. People used to make fun of me saying, "That car is gonna fall apart on you", then they'd laugh. I didn't care, though. I loved my car. It's what's on the inside that matters most . Years later, my boyfriend at the time drove it and smashed the front end. I cried on the way to the junk yard where I laid my faithful friend to rest.

Other cars came and went but I never forgot and kept searching.

My prayers were answered 5 years later! My beautiful friend came back to me in my favorite color-blue with no rust at all. I've had her now for 10 years and she has never let me down and is still my best friend!

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