Ronald 1962 Ford Falcon Wagon

My Wonderful Grocery Getter

My father bought this wagon new in 1962, and it was used as our family car until 1978, when my dad retired and decided he wanted a pick up truck so that he could haul things in it since us kids were all grown and out of the house.

While visiting my parents one day I was talking with my father when he casually mentioned that he was going to sell the Falcon. Since I had previously owned a Falcon sedan, I immediately was interested in my dad's wagon. I told him I would like to buy it from him, but he said if I want it he would give it to me. The next day we went to the DMV and transferred the title into my name.

I used it for several years as my daily driver, but because it was in such good condition I decided to purchase another vehicle and use the Falcon only for special occasions. Eventually I started entering it in local car shows and was surprised at all the attention it generated.

These days I go to as many car shows as I can, and feel truly blessed to be the owner of this beautiful example of American automobile history. I love this car and consider it my most prized possession.

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