Les M 1967 Pontiac LeMans 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My Grandson's future car

Like many others stories, my classic is still a fun, pleasure to drive car from the past. Modern cars are just boring transportation. Hey, it even makes me feel young, 1967 the year my car was created, the year I graduated high school. My Dad was old school repair your own car person, teaching me how to take care of a car when it was practical to do so. When I learned to drive and EARN a license, it was with the family car, a 65 Pontiac Lemans 326 stick. A lot of hollering went with the ride of learning to drive a standard. So this is the third Lemans I have owned. It will probably be my last. I have six more years to enjoy it as it has been promised to our Grandson Wyatt with conditions, when he turns 18. I can only hope he will have stories to tell of his owning a great classic. Les M.

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