Irv K 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 2dr Convertible


When my father wanted to buy a car we always went to Reedman in Langhorne, PA. I even got my first new car there. It was a 1968 Chevelle 2 door coup with the 307V8. Two years later we were back and I came home with a brand new 1970 Chevelle SS 396/350hp. It was cranberry red, black interior with a matching vinyl roof. It had bucket seats, 332 rear end(non-posi) and a turbo400 trans. That's when hi-test cost about .50 per gallon. I had the car at Atco, NJ raceway a few times. It ran the 1/4 mile at 14-14.1 seconds. Not too bad for running F class.

Two years later I was getting ready to marry when the wife to be said to me,

The car goes or I go! Needless to say the Chevelle and I went back to Reedman and I came back with a 2 door Impala V8. I always said I would have another 70 Chevelle SS someday.

I was married for 37 years, we have 3 grown kids when she passed away. About a year later I went looking for another 70 Chevelle SS. I found one out in the Midwest part of the US. I had it shipped to NJ where it now sits in the garage covered up till after the winter. It's a matching numbered car, but this one had factory AC.Same color, black vinyl top and had the idot lights as the original one. The dash has been changed to look like it came with factory gauges. Had to change the Holley 780 carb because it was too big a CFM rating for it. It how has a Edelbrock 650 CFM carb on it.

I've had to numerous car shows and it has taken 5 trophies (so far!). It's great driving on the highway and having people beep or wave as I go by! Looking forward to many more years with it.

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