Elizabeth B 1969 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

Kept it.

In 1980 I would stare as the 1969 GTO convertible drove by in my neighborhood. I loved that car. It made my heart beat faster. One day my brother casually stated "Hey, you know that car you like? Its for sale". I went that day, handed the owner the $2,000.00 he was asking, no haggling, it was mine and I was in love. For 10 years we went everywhere together, made lots of memories and received attention whether I wanted it or not. Not to brag but I was a hot girl in a convertible. The next 10 years the car sat in the yard, sinking in the mud. It was do or die, let it go or fix it. After 10 more years and total frame-off, back to original restoration, I am driving a piece of American history. I still get that same feeling of freedom I had 30+years ago, and it still makes my heart beat faster.

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