Carl K 1965 Pontiac Convertible

Kemps65 Restoration

In 1965 my wife Marilyn and I purchased our first new car, and still own it today, 49 years later. I worked at the time in the Oshawa car plant and watched it go down the line, installing some parts myself as well. I watched it go through the paint shop on the night shift. I had the body professionally restored year before last. The 283 motor was overhauled in 1983, and upgraded with a holly carb and electronic ignition with the body restoration. I vowed this time around that this vehicle will never see winter again, and hopefully no rain as well. I tried to send a picture as well but wasn't successful. If you could provide an e-mail address were I can get in touch with you, I'll gladly send the picture later. Thanks a lot.

Carl Kemp

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