Kevin B 1973 DeTomaso Pantera L 2dr Coupe

It's part of who you are!

I wanted to take a minute to mention something that speaks for a portion of the car enthusiast community, but not all of it. There are guys out there across America that regardless of how there lives have turned out, in there hearts they are truly car enthusiast. They feel a connection with the vehicle they have locked on to, because something about it made a connection with what in their hearts, makes them who they are. They don't have the HEY LOOK AT ME complex when driving down the highway. They drive that vehicle because they feel a connection with it. Some cars are tough and last a long time and others look incredible are extremely fast, but need maintenance to stay in top shape. Car enthusiast have spent hours under the hood and know every inch of that vehicle because they restored it from scratch or modified it to be different than anything else on the road. They understand what is really happening when they turn the key, put it in gear and apply the throttle. They know how much power it has because they helped build it. Not because it's what the brochure said it has when they cut a check for it. Across the board from antique vehicles to new ones, those are the guy's that regardless of their background, they get it. They want to be and do something different and they still have that connection that stands out.

I have close to 2000 hours in my Pantera, bringing it back to life from when I originally purchased it. All new floor pans hand fabricated along with S braces and cross members with jacking plates installed. All new interior, original rims restored, paint buffed and freshened up. Everything mechanical through out the vehicle was restored in house to original as it was in 1973. There is something to be said about old cars that people just entering the world of cars don't understand at the beginning. No ESC, ABS or traction control. You drive the car, it doesn't drive and compensate for your mistakes. Take care of your ride, respect what it can do and enjoy the connection you have with other people.

Sincerely, Kevin Broyles

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