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I bought it new.

In sixty four I was 16. That Ford car came out. No matter what I was going to buy Chevy's answer to it. So I waited to buy what started as a Panther and became a Camaro. In 69 I turned 21 so a legal contract could be signed by me. I went right down to my local dealer and ordered my L78 with 4:10s and a rock crusher TH400. Also ordered it as an SS/RS, Hugger Orange, vinyl top, spoilers, console guages and 8 track on the console. Not cheap. The sticker was $5100.00. But I got it for $4410.00 with T&L. When it came in at the first week of June thieves had tried to steal the Holley carb by twisting off the bowl fuel lines. No luck, thank goodness. OK, this is a long story involving my entire adult life as a gearhead so I'll leave out the details of the car and my history but be assured everything is near original. Even the 4.10's, but with a GV overdrive. The 8 track still works and makes a great armrest too. I haven't driven it in the rain on purpose since 1975. The entire bottom of the car is as clean as on the assembly line.

I sneak it out to the track now and then. (Don't read this Hagarty) It turns 10.53 @127.40 last time out. Hey, I'm a gear head.

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    Jack U.B.E. Pa. April 3, 2014 at 00:21
    "and a rock crusher TH400" ??? I'm a gear head too and a '69 Camaro owner that I restored from the ground up . I like your story but am a little confused you see the "Rock Crusher" was the nickname for the legendary M-22 Muncie 4 speed and TH 400 would designate the 3 speed automatic . Just wondering what tranny yours had ?

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