Ron W 1964 Fairlane 500

Grandpa's car handed down

I was a senior in high school in 1964 and had a 1951 4 door Ford -- rusty, but trusty! My grandpa had a 1958 Chevy that was quick, but had trans issues, especially when I drove it! In April, 1964, he and my grandma came to visit us in LA in a brand new 1964 Fairlane 500 -- 260 v-8 with a 3-on-the-tree -- what a surprise! I thought it was sooo cool to have a new small block with a stick! My grandma liked red cars, so he got a vintage burgundy with a white top! The whole family liked the car and when he passed away in 1968, my mom drove it for about a year, then parked it in his garage in Texas (my grandma did not drive!) when she bought a new Galaxie. I got married later in 1968 and after graduating from college we moved to Michigan in 1969 to work at Ford. In 1975 my mom flew up from Texas for Christmas and presented us with the title to my grandpa's Fairlane! The following summer we drove to Texas and towed the Fairlane back to Mich. After repairing the brakes, fuel system, new hoses and new gaskets it ran like new with only 38k miles on it. Over the years the whole family has enjoyed the car and it now has 90k miles on the clock! We enjoy car shows and cruises in the Fairlane and it remains largely original. Our two sons and two grandsons assure us that it will remain in the family for many more enjoyable and memorable times!

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