Ronny M 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 2dr SportsRoof

First Race

My brother owned a 1970 Mach1 when he was in high school in 1976. He was also in a 50's rock band and left the car on the street at a fellow band members house while out of town. He called me and said he had second thoughts about leaving it on the street and asked if I would pick it up. With strict instructions to behave while I brought it home I picked it up. It gave me goose bumps to drive it. While waiting at a stoplight a Chevelle pulled up and wanted a race. The light turned green and he launched. His squealing tires forced my foot to the floor and when he went for second gear I blew by him. At the end he gave the thumbs up and I was never the same. My brother sold the car and It haunted me for years because I didn't buy it. Thirty years later I found mine. Same color and all the options except the rear sunshade. Eveywhere my wife and I go in it people look and point.This year I have started my resto and it will be a great experience.

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