David M 1941 Lincoln Continental 2dr Coupe

Dreams can come true - if you're patient!

In 1941, when I was 8 years old, my Dad got a dealer's catalog from a friend at the Lincoln dealership and gave it to me to add to my collection of auto ads and brochures. In that catalog I found a picture of the 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe - I told my Dad 'one day I want one of these'. Throughout my lifetime of collecting brouchures as well as actual cars I could never afford to buy such a car - it was still a dream. Then, one day on eBay I saw one advertised in a town 15 miles away.! Right away I went to see it and talk with the owner. He had bought the car in 1948 and was in the process of restoring it but felt he was too old to continue and decided to sell. He told me his reserve price - I watched the auction and at the last minute put in that price and won the car! That was in October 2008 - 67 years after I saw that picture! It took until 2013 to complete the restoration but the car is now complete and is a beauty. So dreams can come true!

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