Masil H 1957 Chevrolet 210 4dr Sedan

Car i always wanted

My story is not much.It started when i was 16 years old(1970).my brother had this 1957 Chevrolet and i wanted it i thought this was the nicest car there was.Well i kept nagging to him and i did not have much money just worked on weekends and odd jobs and going to school well he finally sold it to me.Well being a teenager and stupid i wrecked it and messed it up pretty bad .I always wanted another one i just loved the looks of these cars.I have went to the Rod Runs in Pigeon Forge ,have went for years.And the 1957 Chevrolet just kept me going.So i kept looking ,told my wife i dont want one restored would like to find one that is original as i can find , and in good shape,was not to paticular about the engine or if a 2 door or 4 door ,just wanted it to be nice.I looked on EBAY all the time,bidded on a few but never had any luck.Well in September of last year i was bidding on one on EBAY and it was not restored and from the pictures and emailing the guy that owned it it looked good.So it was just a few minutes before the bid was to end and i still had not got the reserve, i got an email thru EBAY it was the guy that owned the car it was the reserve and i bidded on the amount he sent me and i won the bid.It was one oclock in the morning i woke the wife up and told her i won the bid.The 1957 is a real nice car,the 6 cylinder engine is original,never been restored runs great.It has the generator,points,.They did change it from the tree to the floor shifter.The guy i bought it from on EBAY did not lie about nothing about the car ,i am older now and i hope i have this 1957 till i die.

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