Michael S 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Beautiful Curves

I was just a kid back in 1963 when I opened up the newspaper and there it was, a full page ad for a 63 corvette coupe. I was at just that age when I dreamed about a car and all that goes with it and there in front of my eyes was the prettiest set of curves I had ever seen. I had never seen anything like it before. A beautiful 63 Corvette coupe. It was love at first sight and a dream that I could someday own a car like that. Well of course I wasn't able to buy one then and over the years I did own a few corvettes. My first was a 69 convertible, 4 on the floor with a 350 horse motor that propelled that car faster than a young man should go. I bought a 62 some years later and then a 74 big block . They were all nice cars. Later I owned a 79 vette but I still had not owned the car of my dreams. Then while surfing the net I came across a 65 coupe and the image of that first 63 came flooding back into my head. Soon I was driving that 65 home. It wasn't much to look at yet but after a couple of years and a total off the frame restoration that car was beautiful again. A few years ago I moved from Illinois to Oregon and I drove this corvette across the county and enjoyed the back roads of America and state and federal parks. The picture that I am enclosing was taken at Mount Rushmore. It does have beautiful curves, don't you think?

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