Paul L 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Age 66 - 66 Mustang - Route 66

Kismet Car....Bought my Mustang Conv from a former MLB catcher, who bought it when he was in Double AA ball....have owned her 15yrs now.....Mustangs were named after the famous WWII Fighter Plane the P-51, for her speed, handling and father-in-law was a B-24 Bombadier and the P-51's saved many of bomber's lives by escorting them to combat zones....Destination:.taking the mother road trip on my 66th Birthday, in my '66 Mustang on Rt 66 this April with my best friend

The Mustang remains an iconic 'classic', has brought joy to soooo many people who see me on the road, bringing wonderful memories (some I'll leave to your imagination) to mind, head turner, ladies car.....let's hope I can still enjoy her for years to come

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