Jackie P 1973 Mercury Cougar 2dr Convertible

A Love Fulfilled

When I married my Husband in 1966, he had a beautiful green Comet convertible. I loved that car, mostly because It was sleek and sexy looking and best of all a convertible. After a few years in Los Angeles and over 100,000 miles, he traded the Comet in for (of all things) a hardtop (we then had one small child.

We continued to have hardtops because of now two small children. I pined away for the days of wind in my hair and on my face. I looked at every convertible that passed longingly. But, you can't let the children fall out of a convertible.

Then in 1973, with the two children a little bigger (3 and 5 years old) my Husband drove up to a Mercury dealership to look for yet another hardtop. He bought a new Comet (2 door) so the children couldn't open any back doors and fall out. I stilled dreamed of a convertible. About a month after the 2 door purchase, my Husband once again drove to the dealership for a minor fix on the Comet. But, to my surprise and delight there sat a beautiful, shiny, chrome bumpered Cougar convertible. It was supposed to be for the dealer's daughter.

Fortunately, my wonderful Husband talked our favorite salesman into letting him buy that great V8 Big Cleveland engine for me two days later. When he said we needed to go back to the dealership again, I wondered what he had going on at that dealership. When we arrived, there sat that beautiful convertible, all polished up and ready for me to drive away in.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Talk about a dream fulfilled and come true. That was 41 years ago. I still have that beautiful convertible (same top cause I never put it up). I couldn't have loved a car any more if it had been made for me. That was the last year Mercury Cougar made a convertible. How sad!!!

My Husband has passed away, but I have to think of Him every time I see that convertible sitting in the garage next to his car. What Husband could ever show his love for his wife to be remembered forever.

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