Thomas M 1951 Kaiser Deluxe 4dr Sedan

50 years to dad's car.

When I was a boy of 10, my dad, who was an estimator for body shops, had his dealer's liscense and was continually trading and selling cars.He came home one day with a 1951 Kaiser Custom, which was a VERY nice car. Two days later, he showed up with a 1952 Manhattan, which was just gorgeus in maroon and cream. All through the years,(he passed away in 1964 when I was 11)I thought about those Kaisers, and about my dad. The "car bug" he instilled in me never left, and 50 years later in 2011, I bought a beautiful 1951 Kaiser Deluxe, chocolate brown and cream, chrome steering column, many bells and whistles.

Driving that car down the road and at car shows really takes me back to the "good old simple" days, and allows many others to cruize down that same road. The car is well loved wherever it goes or shows.

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