Rick L 1968 Cadillac DeVille 2dr Coupe

"Barn Find" discovered as AACA Senior Grand National Winner

I really had quite accidently stumbled on an original 8000 mile 1968 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. I had arrived at the Morrison Motors to take home a 1968 Mercury Cougar with only 40,000 miles. As always, Mr. Jimmy Morrison and I always take a tour to see his current inventory in his many buildings, when his son Jay Morrison offered to show me this 1968 Cadillac. After taking a few pictures of the car, I really didn’t commit myself as my interest up till now was in the 50’s and some 60 models. I have owned a total of 104 cars since graduating from high school in 1958. Done a lot of trading in my lifetime.

Arriving home I reviewed the pictures with my wife and some careful consideration decided to call Jimmy and commit to buy the Cadillac. The color is white with a black padded vinyl top and has an inspection sticker on the windshield dated 1998 with 8051 miles. The optional equipment is as follows: Power Front Disc Brakes, Cruise Control, Automatic Climate Control, Six-Way Power Seat, Power Door Locks, Padded Vinyl Roof, AM-FM Radio, Remote Control Trunk Lock, Soft Ray Tinted Glass, Door Edge Guards, White Sidewall Tires, Auxiliary Horn, Twin Front and Rear Floor Mats, Leather Upholstery, License Frames, Rear Center Seat Belts.

An obscure award medallion got my attention when I got home. Really got excited as I have been a member of AACA for several years and have won a number of awards in Junior, Senior and Preservation Classes for different cars I’ve owned. So I called AACA in Hersey and gave them what information I had and found out that the car had been shown in several states across the USA and had been awarded a Senior Grand National Award. The car was not advertised as an award winning car only that it was original condition with 8100 miles. The dealership wasn’t aware of its illustrious AACA history as I wasn't when purchasing the car. I can now understand how excited folks discovering a barn find feel.

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