Jim G 1976 Porsche 914 2.0 2dr Targa


I have let alot of cars slip through my hands, and I do mean some real collectibles. These cars didnt need to be restored as I got to enjoy them before they became classics. I sure wish I had saved one of them when I had the chance as I have a love for cars.

To get on with the story, I got a chance to save a car that most people wouldn't consider putting the time into because of the expense of restoring a car versus it's value afterward.

A 1976 Porsche 914 is not something that will bring you more cash than you put into it, but if you love cars and it's in your blood then it matters even if you can only save one.

The first time I saw this car it was sitting on a car hauler in the rain it had a dent in the left rear quarter panel and the interior was totally ragged out.The fellow I got it from had just brought it down from Georgia and said he broke his rib loading it on the trailer. I think the car didnt like him too much. Pretty sure the rib is what made him dicided to let me buy it.

So I bought the car and didnt know a thing about how to work on it. It was missing every single vacumn hose on the engine but one, and you couldnt keep it running at idle speed. The fella had the vacumn advance turned as far as he could just so it would start up. I ordered every book I could to learn about the 914 and bought another donor car which was not restorable. I took the donor car apart bolt by bolt to learn all I could to gain the knowledge necessary of how to save the one that stole my heart.

So now the car runs great has the original Fuel Injection, looks really good has a brand new interior, everything works on this car and I like to believe it has taken a liking to me. I have to say that me being older than this car it might figure that " I matter and was worth saving as well" I am sure it likes me maybe being as it hasn't broken any of my ribs yet.

Hope everyone enjoyed the story, and if you get a chance to save any classic please grab hold of it because " It Matters"

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