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long time baby

My brother bought it back in 1972, was a 304 3 manual trans. I went downstate to visit him and he sent me for some beer and told me to do a burnout when leaving, started wheelhopping and broke a u-joint right in front of him. He laughed it off but I had to buy the u-joint and put it in which was fair. This is a long story so I will shorten it. Terry ended up trading it in for a 1975 opel wagon as he was building a family. He found the javelin about years later sitting behind a house, he bought it back, threw a rod is why it was sitting. I ran through hard times and he bought a 6 cylinder javelin to put the motor into the original one, I bought both from him for 200 dollars and put the engine in, years ago. Was driving that when he bought a 1969 amx 390 for his wife, was to fast for her so I bought that for 800.Anyway auto tran went out on the amx so I put the 390 in the javelin, what was a 3 speed is now a 4 speed with a hurst inline shifter. Has been about a lot of years, but still have it and drive when it is nice out, and still beat on it, put 2 heavyduty u-joints in it. Love My Car, also bought a 1969 el camino from Terry, another story. This was short as I have had many years with this car, hope you all enjoy, feel free to write and ask questions about what problems I"ve had Take Care And Love You'r car, It Will Stay With You

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