bill m 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

greatest gift my wife ever bought me!

back when I was 16 I owned a 1968 mustang 289 red/black vinyl top. As it was my brothers first I truly loved that car. Unfortunately I made a stupid mistake and totaled the car one summer night. my father helped me rebuild it before I wrecked it so when this happened it almost killed me. I NEVER forgave myself for that accident and it tore at my soul for 32 yrs. in 2003 I fell and destroyed my back and neck and ended up on disability with the prognosis of life in a wheel chair at some point down the road. after all was said and done we moved to myrtle beach south Carolina in 2007.

the first thing my wife did when she got here was search for a mustang to help me with all my pain and depression. she found this great mustang on rt 90 at a place called auto world. funny thing was the owner ron was a HUGE mustang fan and after the test drive my wife told me she was buying this car for me . oh by the way she did ! On the way home I took her for a ride to Ocean Drive and stopped the car. I got out and told her to take the drivers seat and take herself back to 1965 and remember the fun. She had a blast and from that point on she has been hooked.

this car is so much more to a guy like me than just an old car. I live in horrible pain 24hrs / day 7 days a week and this car helps more with the pain than anything else. When I drive "baby" my pain lever is lower, my depression is better, and my wife Judy and I really have a blast. we have re-done a lot so far and have the engine left to make her perfect. I have re done her as a gt 350 clone but made it our own by doing the stripes in red instead of blue. when we are done it will be an exact replica of the best Shelby ever made.

So you see I am the luckiest guy in the world because my LOVE loves , MY LOVE, a true love story only a car guy or girl could love

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