david g 1967 Ford Thunderbird 4dr Landau Sedan

gals are car guys too.

its 1977 I,m working parts at a chrysler dealer. There is a youny gal there that caught my eye, maggie. I was working the late shift til 9:00 one night when I started yacking with the cashier about maggie. I told her I was going to marry her one day. She started laughing and said good luck, she doesn't like you infact she can't stand you. flash forward to 1997. Maggie and I are driving thru western mich, oh ya I did marry her, we celebrate our 30th this year. Anyway I spotted this 62 t-bird. I slammed on the brakes and started to back up when i noticed maggie with her head down. I said WHAT!! you're gonna look at that stupid car,aren't you.she said. I got out to look but she wouldn't move. finally I coaxed out to look,then she went back to the car. I followed her back where she said, well, go tell the guy we'll take it. She,s a car guy now and drives her own 64 dart GT conv. All our cars are with hagerty since day one. life is great. Dave.

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