thomas b 1960 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Coupe

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it starts in the fall of 1967 when i first shaw her,burgundy 60 thunderbird cpe.i then took my girlfriend and future wife to take a was love at first site for both of us.we then took the car to our senior prom for a great evening.a few years later when my wife got pregant,we decided to sell the uncle then purchased the car and a few years later he moved to texas because of his job.late november a got a call from him saying do you want the thunderbird back he was dying of cancer.i told him he was going to live but he said he wasn't.upon his passing my cousin called about the bird and i got the thunderbird back in early 1/12 with some small repairs shes doing fine.and on a final note i traded in my wife and now have the car back because she would have made me sell it and have kept the money.sometimes the car is more important the the girl. classic car thom breining

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