Steve C 1972 Triumph TR6 2dr Convertible

You Mean I Can Actually Afford This Car?

I was out running errands one Saturday afternoon when I noticed a used dark blue Triumph TR6 for sale at a Porsche dealership. I stopped to check it out just for something to do, I didn't really think I could afford the car. The car was in great shape, looked like new inside and out. Even better it had a pale blue leather interior, a roll bar and some cool looking white stripes down the side of the car.

I feel in love with it but figured, maybe someday. I was getting back in my car to leave when a salesman caught up with me. Turned out I could afford the car and I bought it. It was my first real sports car and it opened my eyes to the whole world of sports cars and the almost fraternity like atmosphere that goes with them.

On the test drive another TR6 flashed his headlights at me. Another guy in a Spitfire gave me a thumbs up.

Once it was mine, I learned how to drive it and entered autocross events and had a blast. The cool car comments and recognition from other TR owners became a regular thing. I found the car was quite well received by everybody. The muscle cars I had been driving couldn't hold a candle to the respect the sports car earned. Of course this was back when cars with big V-8 engines were considered dinosaurs because the "gas crisis" and emissions controls killing the power were giving them a bad reputation. I kept the TR6 for a year or so and moved on to something else for practical reasons. Back then having a car just for fun was out of the question.

I still remember that little blue TR quite fondly though.

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