Rick C

Wonder Years

I purchased a new 72' Electric Blue Javelin 304 SST when I was 16 and the love affair with the big Javelins has never ended.

It took four years to find an original Electric Blue AMX " could only afford the SST in High School" and it was well worth the wait.

This car was ordered the following way: 360 Go-pack( includes functional cowl induction hood, T-stripe,dual exhaust,black out rear panel,twin grip,power discs, 15x7 wheels, heavy duty cooling,etc.) Options include Auto,AC,vinyl top,corduroy seats,tinted glass,electric wipers,Rare center fold down armrest, AM push button radio). 

She was an original 360 car but now has a date correct 401 with the legendary 291 heads.

Outside of the paint, body and original Rim blow wheel work I have performed most of the restoration myself. She is as close to as original as I can make her.

The 71' receives nothing but complements every where we show her.

Even thought I may own mor valuable and faster muscle cars none are more beautiful or take me back to my wonder years like this car!


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    Jim CT April 13, 2014 at 01:59
    Please let's see more pics of your car! Looks beautiful!

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