jack a 1941 Packard Super-8 160 2dr Convertible Coupe

With love beneath my wings I traded my Packard

In 1954 my brothers buddy was discharged from the navy at Beeville, Texas. To get home to Michigan he bought a 1940 Packard 2 dr. convertible which came from the famous King Ranch. When he got home he decided to sell the car and I bought it for $110.

I came to find out that this was no ordinary Packard. All the trim except for the bumpers was germen inlaid silver. The leather upholstery was thick red cow hide, the radio had a huge round speaker mounted on the fire wall and the car rode on oversized straight grooved Goodyear double eagle tires. The irony is that all this was done on a110 Jr. model and not the expected 160 or 180 luxury series car.

I came to love the car driving it everywhere in my Sr. high and into my college years with no problems or issues. My buddies were into Fords and Chevys, duels and drags, but when it came to the girls I had no problem filling the seats as it was the ride for beach outings, dances and dates

On one occasion driving into town I came to a red light with a police car waiting for it to change. The Packard has big square petals for the brakes and clutch. As I was going to stop my foot got caught behind the brake petal and I rear ended the police knocking off the officers cap as well as his relaxed state. His car was smashed into the rear fenders while the Packard showed no visible signs of damage. After asking how long I have been driving he took me to the station to tell the chief what happened and then they for some reason let me go, and that was that.

I grew up on a island and my college girl friend with whom I was crazy about was coming to spend a week with me and the family. My Dad had just sold our boat to buy a new one and without a boat with my girl friend coming I was dead. My buddy had a nice 18 ft outboard that he would trade me for the Packard. With love beneath my wings I did it. I ended up marrying the girl which with we had two great kids. It was the best trade I ever made as that boat in many ways helped it to happen.

Sadly after college I looked up my buddy hoping to buy back the Packard and found he made a rod out of it and ran it into the junk yard.

Some ten plus years ago I found a1941 Packard 160 convertible a man was going to sell and while it is not the 1940 110 it was for me. My wife and I enjoy driving the car on outing and on tours. For me, sitting behind the wheel of my classic is a classic moment. This my friends is what makes the hobby what it is and should be.

P.S. I could not get the picture of my car to print

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