David and Tammy W 1924 T Bucket

Wicked '24

With both of us being classic car enthusiasts we've had a variety of classics. Tam's goal was to own a Stingray at some point. We purchased our 80 Vette, a 79, then a 76, a 75 and a 74. I think we made the goal. On to the 79 Trans Am, a 29 Ford, a 23 T Bucket, a 32 Bantam and then our "prize" possession the '24 T Bucket which we fondly refer to as "Wicked '24". After looking at many and traveling many hours we finally found it ! She is a fabulous medium pearlescent green with a removable top that matches the interior, has chrome that lights up the street, is a head and ear turner. With an engine that sings with excitement to hit the pavement, it makes your body rumble as it idles with anticipation. Turning out about 1000 horses it's tough to keep those wide tires on the road, boy can they "chirp" ! People ask us to start it just hear it roar. With smiles as big as their faces can handle they step back to keep their hats and hair in place. We love to take our '24 to shows just to see people smile and enjoy every inch of her. That's our favorite part of the shows when people inquire about the work and choices put into the vehicle.

The classics will always be a part of our family and we share the love for these vehicles not only with our kids but our friends and family too.

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