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Why I Own Mustangs

When I was about 18, I was still driving my Uncle's former '51 Chevy 4 door sedan. Rather uncool, but better than walking. One day I heard a horn outside and went to the door to check it out. My good friend was sitting outside in his BRAND NEW gold '66 Mustang 2+2.

Coolest thing I could imagine. he, of course took me for a ride. Four speed Hi Po 289 was bad to the bone! I din't realize how big an impression that car made on me, then.

It was 40 years later, before I acquired a "classic", although we had bought a '99 black Mustang for my wife. I started my search for a 65-66 fastback, but they were just out of $ reach for a working guy. I located a one-owner '67 hardtop that I could afford and bought it from the original owner's daughter. It had such a great story, and came from a local dealer, and spent it's life in Dallas (my home town) Car only had 66,000 miles on it.

Almost 2 years a customer of mine came in and told me he was going to have to sell his '67 FASTBACK, for personal reasons....really, it sort of fell in my lap. When he told me what he would take, we took off to the backwoods to see it. I couldn't believe the body was so good, and had been painted.

I actually told him it was twice as much as he was asking, but he insisted he wanted to sell to someone who would keep it---or offer it back to him first. I recently was offered $17K for it, but I couldn't part with it.

I was also lucky enough to pick up an '86 GT convertible recently, so I have all three now. If I could move to a place with a larger parking space, I might have some more

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