Harry P 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 2dr Roadster

When a Classic is more than just a Classic

My father passed away in August 2013. Part of his estate included his 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SL.

This beautiful Roadster was my father's dream car and mine since I was 6. He took car of this car like it was one of his children. The car never saw the snow or salt and only experienced the rain if he happened to be driving it when a storm rolled in.

When I work on the car I have actual conversations with my father. I know it may sound strange but I find comfort by simply sitting in the car warming it up each week during this cold Chicago winter. It's amazing how a material thing can bring me peace. He knew every bolt and screw, every part and attended to every detail. He is really part of this car and I plan to take care of it like he took care of me and my sister.

I hope your Classic vehicle holds some sentimental value and that you find comfort and peace while driving it or restoring it.

Thank you Hagerty for the opportunity to express myself and for providing me with an insurance policy that adds to my peace of mind.


Harry L. Parson III

Chicago, IL

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