Doug T Variety!

Wave as you go by!

I have always marveled at how certain activities inspire smiles and waves from perfect or even imperfect strangers! It seems I am drawn to these activites as they always make me smile. Try not to have fun and smile when you pass another boater! That was my first experience-everyone waved and smiled! I went on a snowmobile vacation and everyone on the trail waved as they passed. Then I went for a test drive on a Motorcycle and every person on a motorcyle waved. Couldn't really see the smiles through the helmets in either case, but, it still gave me goose bumps to connect with random strangers on the trail or the road, regardless of their choice in vehicle. I now have two bikes and three snowmobiles. Then I had a truck out in the mountains and everyone else with a truck seemed to wave. It still happens back here in the flats when I drive into farm country. Forget about going to Kentucky with the big diesel truck! All the horse chicks love a big diesel! So now I have a newer GMC Duramax, a classic K5 Blazer and a couple military trucks-all diesels. So then I took a test drive in the classic Mini and EVERYONE smiled and waved. I was sold. How can you not love a vehicle that makes everyone smile and wave? I never had that reaction when I was driving the "Luxury Liner" (Cadillac Deville) or the Honda Accord. I will keep the vehicles that make others smile, which makes me smile and I will wave as you go by which should make you smile too!

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